South Boston Christmas Parade Lineup

Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

5:00 p.m.

Parade Route:

The parade route starts at the intersection of Wilborn Ave. and Chalmers St. in front of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The parade continues down Wilborn Ave. to Main Street in Downtown South Boston, turning right at the corner of Main Street and Seymour Drive. Turn right onto Factory Street and continue going on Factory St. until you reach First Horizon Bank. Then start to disband. There will be  NO STOPPING AND/OR  PERFORMING anywhere on the parade route, including the Sponsors Tent.

 Lining Up and Check-In:

You can arrive as early as you like and find your own stake with your name and lineup number, but a parade representative will be staffed at the lineup area starting at 2:00 p.m. to direct you to your lineup position. Please arrive no later than 4 p.m.  From Wilborn Ave. turn onto Chalmers St. at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You must stop and “Check In” with the parade representative located there. Your lineup number will be posted at your location and there will be port-a-johns at the lineup area.  If you have an extra-long float entry, the earlier you get in the lineup, the easier it will be for you.

Judging of Floats:

The judging of floats will take place during the parade. However, the judges may be walking around at lineup time to familiarize themselves with the entries. You must display your  organization name and lineup number on the FRONT of your entry. This assures all  entries that the announcer and/or newspaper will identify your entry correctly. If the judges cannot identify your entry, it will not be judged. All winners will be announced on on Sunday, December 4th.


Please do not stop your entry anywhere on Seymour Drive between Main St. and Factory Street. South Boston Police request that no entry stop at the intersection of Seymour Drive (Constitution Square area) and Factory Street. Entries are to turn right on Factory Street. and continue back toward the beginning of the parade at least until you have passed First Horizon Bank. When you have passed First Horizon Bank, you may stop and unload. Stopping on Seymour Drive causes traffic congestion and makes the parade back up.

Lineup Port-A-Johns:

For your convenience, port-a-johns will be placed in a grassy space near Valero on Chalmers Street.

Lineup follows:

South Boston Christmas Parade 2023

Lineup Order Available on Thursday, November 30th at 12 noon