A Superheroes Christmas

December 4, 2021 at 5:00pm

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Theme: A Superheroes Christmas

Participants are encouraged to decorate their floats in the theme of their favorite superhero! Note, this can be any fictional character or someone you deem a real-life superhero such as a doctor, nurse or any other ‘superhero’ that stands out to you! You could have great fun building a float with the multitude of great fictional superhero characters, or you could focus on the first responders of the area – the men and women who are forced to miss a holiday with their families to help save the lives of others.

We can’t wait for the town to be overrun by Supermen, Spidermen, Batmen, Captain Americas, and Wonder Women, but also more Supermoms, firefighters, and more hometown superheroes than Santa could shake a stick at.

Let’s have fun creating a ‘marvelous’ Christmas Parade!


Location: Downtown South Boston VA